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HHS DATA-DRIVENTranslating Data Into Action

We aspire to advance the well-being of all Americans through the streamlined, secure, and impactful use of data.

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The OCDO Mission

In support of the Department of Health and Human Services' mission to enhance the health and well-being of all Americans, the OCDO mission is to responsibly connect and translate data into action by:

  • Maximizing the nation’s return on investment through the systematic management of data as a strategic asset
  • Leading data governance and policy development for HHS
  • Providing stewardship of HHS data collection, cataloging, and records management
  • Improving data collaboration and exchange through simplified access and usage

Data Maturity

A performance management tool to assess the current state of data capabilities, propose enhancements, and monitor progress.

Data Skills

A service area to identify need, source training, recommend curriculum, and monitor overall data literacy for HHS.

Data Inventory

A service area to provide HHS with a consolidated resource to locate data.

Data Governance

A service and communication tool to engage with HHS data leaders in the creation and adoption of data policies, standards, and other enterprise tools that improve the flow of data.